Wayneboro First Aid Crew’s Demers MXP150

Waynesboro First Aid Crew’s new Demers MXP150 has everything they wanted in a new ambulance.  Work station on the curbside. Customized access to their rear streetside compartment. Stryker PowerLoad.  Backpack-style seat belts.  All aluminum interior with expanded cabinet storage.

And, we love the eye-catching graphics.

Many thanks to Waynesboro First Aid Crew for this order.  John Scott is the sales person.


Ambulance Details

Delivery: 09 / 2020
Customer: Waynesboro First Aid Crew
Location: Wayneboro, VA
Make: Demers
Model: MXP150
Chassis Make & Model:  Ford F450 4×4
Module: 150″ with 72′ headroom
Details: Curbside work station; added storage under action areas; backpack-style seat belts; Liquid Spring suspension; locking drug storage; customized S3 compartment access; all aluminum interior; LED warning and scene lights.